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Eyekon Eyewear


Tel: 832-722-7900

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Thanks for the inquiry, we'll get back to you shortly.


It's easy to place an order with Eyekon. Call our sales department (832)722-7900 for immediate assistance, we'd love to be of assistance. 

How do I place an order?

Contact our sales department (832)722-7900 or shoot us an inquiry via email or text. 

Three dozen minimum order (shipping not included). Most items are $4 - $5.50 per piece. 

Mixed dozen includes (at least) 2 of the same style - 12 pieces per dozen. 

Payment and Shipping

Eyekon accepts most major credit cards. Sorry C.O.D.'s are not available. Orders are shipped utilizing FedEX Ground, U.P.S. or USPS.

Returns & Refunds

Please contact our sales department regarding refunds or returns.

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